Saturday, June 20, 2009

All's well that ends well...

Justride and the Stud Spud returned from their fabulous trip horse camping in the California Redwoods. They had a spectacular time! But she confessed that it was good to be home- even with all the unusual stuff that happened at the Ranch while they were away. Yesterday when I woke up, Stud Spud had fixed the coffee, and as I poured a cup Justride says " Here does this look familiar?" I turn around and ...EEK the dead rodent! It looked like a gopher- she found it where the Stalking Siamese had finally tired of it- under the dining room table! Well, I'm sure glad she did find it- a gopher that big shouldn't be left rampant in the house.
Desi continues to be good as we rode in her arena for the last time before I loaded him up to bring him home. We had a long drive, made a little longer by the fact that we had to drive home through FIRE!- Yes fire along side the freeway for about a half a mile. Smoke billowed for even further than that- and if you've ever driven on highway 80 between Sacramento and San Francisco, you know what a nightmare it is- even sans smoke. Add a little fire to the mix and - BAM you got yourself a major traffic jam. sigh* It took a little longer to get home this time.
But my daughter and Hubby did a fantastic job of taking care of all my household chores- so as least I didn't have to rush around to do them when I got home.
But I do miss the peace and quiet of the Marysville Outback- and there I didn't have a snoring dog to keep me awake all night!


Denisarita said...

You left too soon! Last night the siamese girls wrangled up a BIG frog and were trying to drag it through the kitty door. I intervened, much to the pleasure of the frog, and hurled him back into the pond. They said it was a present for you. Said you didn't seem pleased with the last one so they got you something better. Changed my blogger name to Denisarita, after all, I am the unpaid ranch slave.

Stephanie said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself - I always did when I ranch sat.

Fire? Is it that time of year already? ((sigh)) I wish we could just skip fire season, even once.