Monday, June 22, 2009

He looks kinda like he's cooking somethin' up dosen't he?
Well, This was taken at Deniseritas place ( formerly Justride). He did so well there, I was so happy! And I brought him home, and let him settle a day because on the way home I stopped at the vet and had his spring shots given ( the colic delayed his getting them when the rest of the horses did.) So today I went out and saddled up the little booger! I thought to myself- he was good at the Ranch he'll be good here too.
I was using a different bit at the Ranch too, I found a bit in the horse trailer, one I used on my old mare. It is a long shank snaffle, and it has a little bit of "WHOA" to it. He was an angel at the Ranch using it, so I slapped that puppy on him today.

He was an ANGEL! He didn't spook, or whirl or fight! He kept his shoulders up straight, didn't lift his head, and when I asked for whoa, I got it - toot suite! Wow! Now I remember why I liked that bit to begin with! Or was it the bit at all? Was it five days of solid work at the Ranch? Was it Lil Mama's riding marathon a week ago? Did he finally just say ' oh hell, I give up!"? We even walked nice and quiet past the very scary bathrooms and the end buildings, with out getting upset even once!
What ever it was, no matter what caused it- I was very happy by the end of my ride this evening!
I just wanted to share that with ya!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Awesome!! I'm glad you got such a good ride on him!!

Stephanie said...

Cool sounds great - hope he keeps that good attitude up.

Molly said...

He is looking mighty fine.
I like the sound of that bit.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

It's feels so good when something finally clicks again.;)