Friday, October 17, 2008

"A Run to Remember"

Yesterday I recieved a small note in my e-mail box. Just about twenty little words it sure made my day. It said " Are you the Barbara Glenn that wrote " A Run to Remember"? One of my students is going to read it as his essay in prose for a school project."

WELL! I am that person, and I wrote that piece originally in the early 1990's for GMAC Quest magazine. I really liked that piece and so I sent in in to "Chicken Soup for the Pre Teen Aged Soul (2001). CSFTPTAS was a best selling book that year, so I felt kinda good about my small piece being in there. I've also read that piece myself in a few Author readings as it is very personal to me.
And then suddenly here is the story again- making me smile, helping a few more displaced and awkward kids to be winners. It makes me feel all goose-pimply again! And that, Dear Friends is why I continue writing against all odds. The fact that the power of a story does not diminish with time but goes on long after you have written it down. The knowledge that I have touched at least one child, somewhere. That they have felt " I know what that is like, she got through her trouble and so will I" .
Today I feel on top of the world!
If you have the book or go to the library you can find "A Run to Remember" on page 32( or so) Let me know what you think!


Mikey said...

That is too cool! I'm going to have to go look that one up.
I gotta say too, I LOVE your header pictures. I love those old school cowgirl rodeo photos. It makes my day to come see them on your site!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I came across your blog! Love your pictures of the saddles. I have my grandma's saddle from about the 1930s I think--quite beautiful, with a very high pommel. I grew up on a ranch in eastern Montana but now live an urban lifestyle in WA state. I write about old-time cowgirls, though, and my first novel, Cowgirl Dreams, is about to be published! It's based on my grandmother who rode steers in MT rodeos in the 1920s. (Kinda like Mabel Strickland in your photo).

Very nice blog.

Callie said...

Wow! That's prettty darned cool!

Cheryl said...

I've nominated you for a blogger award, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Please visit my website for your award and instructions! You are such a hoot! I love reading your blog!

justride said...

I wanna read it!