Sunday, October 12, 2008

Old Photos

I love old photos- especially ones with Children and ponies, or bucking horses, or corseted 'ladies'. I'm a fiend for them, searching flea markets and antique fairs and malls. There is something that is mysterious and compelling about them, lives lived but now long gone. I tell myself stories about some of the characters in these pictures- like the ones at left. Brother and sister, taken in to the photographer to get a likeness made.
He got to choose what the picture background would be, see he gets to hold the tiny silver gun ( you can see that it is unloaded) Her skirt is crisp and freshly washed and ironed. Perhaps they were the first customers of the day. Her gloves are too big, but she wears them anyway, her hat sits way back on her head, his is 'jaunty'. The fringe down the length of his leg matches the fringe on her skirt- just like Annie Oakley-an American heroine in these childrens time.
If you look very closely you can see the stands behind them, but not the clamps that went on their necks to keep them still for the three or so minutes it took to make the picture. Neither have boots on.
Pretend cowboys and cowgirls, captured forever on silver paper, an image of light.
This is one of my favorites but I have lots more and I am always in the market for them. Have any to sell or trade?


dickiebo said...

Nope. But sure like yours. (Photos).

Callie said...

Oh, Now that is a nifty old photo! What an awesome thing to collect!

Train Wreck said...

I love them too! Go to ebay! I found someone with quite a few on there. email me and I will look it up for you! I am at work right now,or I would look it up now.

The Wife said...

Old photos are very intriguing. I love them too.

Meg said...

That is a really kewl old photo! I love old pictures like that! Good luck finding more!

Train Wreck said...

Did you find more??