Monday, October 20, 2008


This just goes to show you that if a horse can into trouble with something- it will! This poor horse was able to be rescued with a chain saw and was relatively unhurt. Whew! Do you think it will keep this horse from sticking his fool head into another tree- 'prolly' not! For such a nobel and regal animal- they ain't too bright sometimes!

I've been around horsess for most of my life- and I have learned over MANY years to 'listen to the voice'. You know the VOICE! The one that whispers into your ears as you turn your horse out into the pasture knowing that there is a loose panel or an undone staple or a unfastened bucket " Don't do it- he'll get hung up,cut,mangled..."

Yeah- THAT voice.

The last time I ignored that voice it turned out REAL BAD! I was about 16 (ages ago) my horse was kept in a 50 acre pasture that was located between a major Highway and a train track.

( STOP reading NOW if you are getting a real bad feeling).

We didn't own the pasture, but I used to ride the fence line occasionally because sometimes horses got out on the Highway and were struck by cars. (Another crazy story there- I gar-run-tee!) And there was a real bad spot on the fence next to the train track. I rewired it together the best I could, thinking it was in a small swale where the horses NEVER went, and I would get the landlord to fix it soon as I saw him. Well- that didn't happen, because I went to school the next morning only to be called out of class by my DAD. My horse had gotten out and gotten hit by the TRAIN! OMG! It was the worse feeling I've ever had! There is no fix for being hit by a train- she was dead, they had to bury her next to the tracks. And to make matters worse the Train Co was going to sue ME for letting my horse out on the track! Well, that didn't happen, they actually ended paying me more than what the horse was worth monetarily- but the TRAUMA .. need I say more?

So the moral of this story is if you hear The Voice- LISTEN!


Lil Mama said...

You said sister! Always listen to the Voice. Even when it dosn't involve horses.

Train Wreck said...

OMG!! Is right! Holy hannah! That is why one of my horses name is Trainwreck!! I am so sorry about your horse! How hard for you at such a young age. I am glad you didn't have to see it.

Anonymous said...

One of our horses, when i was a child, was hit by a car and my dad had to shoot the horse. I was so young, but i remember the sadness.

Molly said...

After many years with horses one does tend to listen to that voice. It's the new riders who don't seem to cringe before the horse comes out from under them. Ignorance is bliss.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

OMG-My mother was that voice in my head for years. She was always seeing things that were completely imaginary in my young and foolish mind, but thanks to her we have a limited amount of "WTH?" moments with our horses. Now I am the voice in my daughter's head. I can see her roll her eyes and I just know she is thinking that I am imagining things.

And by golly-horses just have a knack for getting themselves into the oddest predicaments.

Callie said...

Cripes! That's aweful! So sorry! I do listen to my voice. There is more chains, clips. panels over panels and nothing beats foam padding and a sh*t load of duct tape! Post caps, you name it!