Friday, October 24, 2008

Remember WAYYY Backkkkk....

Well not that far back actually- it just felt like a long time- it was really only August. I just now found out how I did in that last show!

I didn't place that last day at all!


It was a tough judge...even my friend Karen , whose horse is broke to death- placed 9th- and she only tic'd one pole!

BUT the good news is.... Karen ( This is her and Shirley at left)place 2n'd overall for that class! She won a great Buckle! (Remember Karen has only been showing two years!) I'm super proud of her! In that same class I placed 15th ( out of 30 riders) Well I console myself knowing that I placed in the upper half.

In the Other class- the Novice -Karen tied for 2nd Place, and I placed 6th. My goal had been to place in the top 5- and I almost made it. (Missed it by THAT much!)

So now it is time to pull my big girl bloomers up, strap on my spurs and practice practice PRACTICE for next year.



BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Funny how us horse people think of short-term goals as anything within the next year or so and long-term goals can be anywhere from a couple years to five. No wonder life goes so fast.;)

Meg said...

Pra-ca-tice, pra-ca-tice, pra-ca-tice...that reminds me of my old piano teacher, lol!

Good heavens...don't worry...sweetie, you will do fabulous! I agree with brown eyed cowgirls on the long term goals...AMEN! you!

Hey...are you making the NFR this year? Would love to meet up with you!!!!