Tuesday, March 22, 2011

About the clipping and the mane thing...

I clip Desi's mane for two reasons. First-  his mane is dense and thick, it does not lay prettily on his neck, which has a tendency to be a little thick around his throatlatch anyway.

Second- He rubs it off in the middle of his neck- always, No matter what I do. He will get down on his knees to reach under the fence for a tiny tidbit of grass and rub his mane off. Or he will stick his head through the pipe panels and rub it off. It looks awful!

And D- I'm lazy. It is easier and most efficient to buzz it, it looks great makes his neck look more graceful and no one really even notices.

I usually wear just a tank top and a long sleeve sweatshirt to clip. Then when I come in the back door I strip it all off into the machine to wash all that hair away. Of course it is into the shower for me too. But it always seems like I have a few cribbets of hairs stuck somewhere in the corner of my eye or lashes. Still- I do like the way he looks with a roached mane!

I think everyone should do it too!


GunDiva said...

We had a horse at the livery once whose mane had been roached and it was just starting to grow out - he was the cutest darn thing with his little 3" mohawk. And it totally fit his personality - he was the cutest little mexican Mustang named Taco (he looked more like a pinto bean) and you just had to giggle when you rode him - it was like riding a pogo stick.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I think Desi looks nice with a roached mane and can definitely see the advantages of it compared to having to constantly mess with pulling, trimming and banding to meet the 'look' of the current rail-type horses.

My step-dad always roached his roping horses manes. i guess since I grew up with it, I don't think it strange at all.

I highly doubt I will even be able to make myself pull Shooter's mane when he heads into the WP/HUS classes this summer. He has the most beautiful long, silky mane. It would break my heart to have to lop that off.

Shirley said...

Desi does look good, much better than he'd look with a shaggy mane. I use electric fence on my pasture which works really well to keep my mares from reaching through the fence. I hate rubbed out manes!

Denisarita said...

At the last show, there were a couple of horses, one english, that were roached. How much easier than braiding, and not to mention, CHEAPER! The up side is that Desi looks good roached.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Photos please?

I bet he looks handsome.....but I'm itching just thinking about it :D