Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Alright! I can never win! Someone else came to the auction and knew what the heck the bits and saddle were worth! I bid $550 and thought that it would be the highest. Monday was slow and the holiday weekend kept a lot of folks away.
But the bid on the saddle, the Visalia and Molina bits, mecates, hacamore and Garcia bull nosed taps went to......
Geez! It was totally worth that- but man- I didn't think there were that many savvy folks about Western stuff in Alameda this week!
I may have still been high bidder for the little saddle made by Sleitzer but I won't know until tomorrow. My 'mole' didn't write down the price realized for that.
On a different note-
I've been super busy at work and that will be a whole new post tomorrow.

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Maia said...

Rats. Let us know if you got the other saddle