Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Birthday Party EVER!

Yes, It was my birthday!
It happened that my Double Nickle Birthday fell on the same day as the Annual Dolittle Ranch Slip and Slide Party!
Lucky ME!
I packed up Dogs, Daughters and Husband  and made my way to The Ranch.
It was HOT!
All the better for Slip and Sliding, My Dears!
 And there is absolutely no better place to be than the Dolittle Ranch.
All kinds of fun and excitement ensued!

There was the Bucking Bull.
He won every round!
 No one ever rode him to a standstill- though a good many tried!
This is Denesirita the Unpaid Ranch Slave giving it her best shot.
Though she is one of the best rider-
the Bull won.

Best friends hanging together for the whole weekend. They taught me how to use my phone to Twitter. ( #LOOK OUT!)

Mimi gave the bull her best shot.
The Bull won.

Enough of that- lets slide down the Slip and Slide!
You know, with enough irrigation water, visqueen and Adult Party Beverages, everyone can have a great time.

I brought my home away from home with me. This is how great the Dolittle Ranch is- they put in a place for me to hook into the septic while I am there! Awesome Friends!

Jr took it all in. He was in the pool more than he was out of it. I think this is one of the only times he was dry.

 His swimming outfit is padded with floatation devices front and back.
Makes him look a little like a SuperHero or a Ninja Turtle.
With this thing on he was able to go in the water and paddle around like a 'polly-og'.
That is Lil Mama in the pool waiting for him. 

" Doctor Livingston, I presume?"
He found this pith helmet and wore it around all afternoon.

Big K put on the chaps over the shorts- a particulary good look- and rode the Bull- or tried to.
The Bull won.... Again.

KBG is half fish. Do you think she was having a fun time?

This is my Birthday Present!
Not Really...
A girl can only dream...

Even the dogs were having fun on the slip and slide.

Lil Tater Tot would not get out of the water. He had won the Championship Mutton Bustin' at the nearby Rodeo the day before. He was one tired little Cowboy!

Here is a short clip of what the slip and slide party looks like.

    Yes, that is the music we were playing....
No one got hurt in the making of this video...

but casualties happen...

This is one of my girlfriends- I'd like for her to remain nameless- but you can clearly hear her name in the voice over!  (Ignore the voices in your head here!)
She really 'let down her hair!
Go Girl!

Thanks to the Dolittle Ranch for throwing such a wonderful shin-dig!
Or maybe it was a Hoot-N-Nanny... does one tell the dif?

But it sure was a fun party!

I know it wasn't specifically for my
but it sure felt like it was!

It was the best!!!


Mikey said...

What a great party! I love that bull, I've never seen one like that, lol. I'd love to have a go at that :)
And you're gonna twitter too?! I can't wait!!!

Maia said...

I am so jealous. What a great party. What fun. Happy birthday. Looks like a super time was had by all.

PS: Jr. just keeps getting cuter by the minute.

Mrs Mom said...

Happy Birthday You wheel gun totin wicked cool Gramma! ;)

Looks like a fantastic time was had by all! (Even the

Wild Flower said...
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Wild Flower said...

Happy Brithday. You have a very beautiful pics in your blog. Regards from Madrid, Spain.


Carolyn said...

Hi B!

Looks like you had the greatest birthday! Fun, fun, FUN!

Best wishes to you, Dear One!



BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Wow...That looked like a ton of fun. Glad you got to enjoy such a wonderful birthday. I guess that would be one huge advantage to having a summertime birthday huh?