Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's your problem?

I mean it! What is your problem with your horse? 
We all have them.
There is no shame in it!

My problem is lead changes. I used to get lead changes without even thinking about it. I had a few horses that were natural changers. And Diana was wonderful- she could change on every beat like in dressage...I can get Bob to do lead changes, and some other horses, but my last mare China had real issues giving good lead changes and now I am having a heck of a time getting lead changes from Desi. I'm snakebit! We tried yesterday for about an hour.
I watched Les Vogt's video and then his Horse Channel clip. It helped. I was able to almost get a change...but not quite.Desi gets frustrated and does the pop up thing, and then I have to fix that and then go back to the changes.
We are doing the drill at the walk and the trot. And then we worked into a lope ( that is where I almost got the change)but it began getting dark so we quit for the day. Tomorrow is suppose to be warm again- so I'll try some more tomorrow.
I know that to get good changes I'm going to have to work on this everyday. But without someone actually standing there watching me, coaching with a loud, nownownow! It will take twice as long as necessary.

I am determined not to give up.
I'm going to also re- read Tom Dorrences book especially the chapter on changes, and watch Les again and again. I'm picking those two because they are the standards and the masters.
I've also tried Dana Device's ( now in North Carolina) and Sandy Collier's methods. Dana was unique in his approach, but we didn't have enough lessons for me to 'get' it and if I don't get it- then there was no way Desi would get it! So I tried Sandy at a clinic or two, but mostly we worked on hip control ( cuz that is where it starts). So I have some hip control and working on the rest ( read left side).
I'd love to hear what your problem is with your horses- maybe we can encourage and help each other through the 'dismals'. Thats what I call the times when I really just wnt to sell the horse and buy a nother one, a better one, a more broke one... but not really. He is kinda cute!

And I already have the clothes!


Mrs Mom said...

:( My problem is THAT horse has not shown up here yet!

Rising Rainbow said...

I don't know how to do lead changes. Never have. Hope too. My horse knows but it's been years since anyone asked him properly. I just can't seem to get the idea in my brain. You'd think with all the riding I do, I could figure it out but so far no go. Although I have to admit I don't really work on it, I'm still trying to run it through my mind to figure it out. Maybe I need to tape instructions on my saddle horn or something.

GunDiva said...

I'm with RR - I have no idea how to do lead changes. I've been on the set with Julie Goodnight TWICE when they were filming how to do lead changes and it just doesn't click in my little brain. I'm hoping the dressage lessons will help me feel my horse better - then maybe the instructions will make sense.

lb said...

Do you have one of Les's programs? The Maneuvers one has a segment that covers just about anything that could go wrong, with examples of what to do about it.

I kind of think of it as picking up the (for example) right lead and put it out of my mind that I'm already on the left one (vs. being at a walk or jog.

The main thing I find, is that if the horse starts to get tense you have to abort and focus on getting them relaxed by transitioning right there into something that they can't get upset over. So say if they start to get tense when you move the shoulders, just keep moving the shoulders and forget the change, until they don't mind you moving the shoulders anymore. Then you can move on to the next part.

And test the hip first. Make sure that you can get it to move big from just a little pressure before you attempt anything at the lope.

But mainly just stay relaxed and know that if you don't make a big deal out of it - you'll eventually get it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

My problem? A horse that kicks.

Totally my fault because I somehow lost my leadership role by trying to be too nurturing after Apache was injured last summer and then got sage poisoning. She still needed me to be the leader, so she started testing me, and I somehow failed to see the signs.

It's a huge safety issue now that we're working on and I am receiving help with. Still, it's pretty frustrating. :P


Train Wreck said...

Ok I can/my horse can do flying lead changes? I am a self taught rider, so I don't know all that I am sure I should? I do have a good time just riding around though:) How are you? I sure do miss this place:)Can't wait to catch up!