Saturday, January 29, 2011

What I know about dogs

Some small things I know about dogs...

Things that upset a terrier may pass virtually unnoticed by a Great Dane.

~ Smiley Blanton

Lola 18 months

 You can't move fast when you have dogs in the house because they always want to go where you go and they want to get there first. 

Sometimes you have to move fast when you have dogs because they can get into trouble faster than a two year old.

Never have anything invested in furniture when you have a Great Dane.

Tripps and Lola doing what they shouldn't

If you think dogs are dumb and can't count, try putting three cookies into your pocket and then give them only two.

They are better than human beings, because they know but do not tell.

~ Emily Dickenson

                             Nothing soothes a broken heart better than the cold nose of a dog.

Lola and Tripps looking for a treat

You can't hide your feelings from a dog, no matter how hard you might try. They always know if the answer to the question matches what you feel inside.

A door is what a dog is always on the wrong side of.

Tripps at 9 months

Man is a dog's ideal of what God should be.

~ Holbrook Jackson

For all the dogs I've loved before....


The Wife said...

Loved the post! And your babies are too cute!!

Tripps has GROWN!

Rising Rainbow said...

That thing about furniture and great danes applies to siberian huskies too. Believe me I've learned this the hard way.

GunDiva said...

They are so cute! My SIL has a Great Dane puppy that's seven months old, but looks to be bigger than yours already. won one of the SHOT Show prizes. Shoot me an email with your snail mail and I'll get the package off to you.

Carolyn said...

They look like such great pals! Tripps is VERY handsome!

Train Wreck said...

Aw! Love it, so very true. Nothing makes me feel better than my dogs, ok and flowers from my cowboy...ok and maybe a hug from my kiddos, or a hello from a good friend..OK so I like alot of things! he he feels like home, good to be back. I missed you((hug))

oregonsunshine said...

Love this! I, too, have a Dane. She came to use off of CL when my beloved Freya passed away and it became obvious that she had been "helping" me hear for years. So, our Dane, Roxanne (age 4), came to join us when her people lost their house. She has now taken over the couch most of the time and the bed for short bits of cuddle time morning and night. As a rule, I don't allow dogs on the couch. She seems to be the exception though.