Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a hot ticket fer sure!

Auction Days are always very busy. Even though this months auction had less people, the bidding was spirited, to say the least. 
We had some really nice items such as this French Style Mahogany and Gilt Armoire with a beveled Mirror door.
 Hammer price-   $438.75.
You know it would go for close to $1000 in an antique shop.
                                            This wonderful dog etching went for $128.70.
 It was called the Dogs of Pytchly Hunt. (The Pytchly Hunt is still in operation with dogs somewhere in Eastern America.) This etching was obviously made in the late 1800's, and still in perfect shape( although the frame was new).

An Eastern Indian standing decorative ( they called it carosel) horse might have been in pieces, his legs and tail and head were all seperated from the body, but he still fetched $250. The lady who bought him is going to repair him and then sell him again.

Here is that really nice jelly cupboard. I liked it because it had a lot of age and character. Cherry wood too I believe. A lot of other people liked it too- it hammered down at $357.00!

Other good bargains were a full set of Waterford crystal glasses (which included champage flutes and dessert cups) went for $47.00.
Boxes of tools, boxes of candles and boxes of book all went for under $50 each.  Couches for $10.00 and shoes for $90. It was all over the map!

I worked my patoot off helping everyone move stuff to their cars!

Then I came home and packed away my own junk- Christmas 2010- gone but not forgotten.
As I was putting my stuff away I started thinking about all my stuff and the stuff in the auction. We get a lot of it from estates, when the children or executors of the deceased don't want what their parents and friends cherished. My puny little mind started clicking away- that must be worth something, or that . Surely THAT will find a home with my kids! 
But probably not.
I know that there isn't anything I can do about my stuff when I am gone- except to buy better stuff! At least then when my kids don't want it, someone at the auction will!


Mikey said...

oooo, I would love to just pop in there. What great treasures! I don't know how you resist it all!

Denisarita said...

WOW! I really liked the jelly cabinet! And the Armoire was really pretty.

Rising Rainbow said...

WE used to love going to auctions like that. I still have a couple of nice pieces I found there. I can't help but think what that jelly cabinent would have gone for then as opposed to now. If I'd ever seen one for a price like that, I might actually own one.

Building Life in AK said...

Ah, I miss this. Those items look great! Very poor antiquing up here :P
Keep sharing!