Monday, January 3, 2011

First Auction of 2011

Etching of three hound dogs
When I saw this etching I thought of quite a few of you girls out there in Blogger land- but mostly Mikey. I'd buy it for you if I could Cowgirl!
This is the head of a carosel horse from India. He's all in pieces, but all the parts are there and he could be repaired. I may put in a bid on him- I have friends that could help rebuild him!

This is a solid wood cupboard for jelly. It has two drawers with ceramic knobs, and two drawers with a shelf inside. It looks like it might be cherrywood. And it has a key to keep kids out of the jelly!

There is a lot more- I'll post a few tomorrow. You wont believe the candlsticks we have this month. One is a tall as me and is made of shiney chrome! Really!
The auction begins at 9. I'll be real busy- but I won't forget you guys! Prices forthcoming!


Denisarita said...

Yup, I love the jelly cupboard. I wish I was closer!!!!!

Carolyn said...

This looks like a fun and dangerous place to work. Will you ever get to bring home a paycheck? I don't think I would!