Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I hate football-

It's not because of the hard hitting head banging. It's not because of the blatant ego boosting show casing. It's not because I don't appreciate the skill involved in hitting a moving target with a small pigskin ball shaped like a torpedo.

It is mostly because the players and the announcers have no actual idea that anyone else even exists in the whole Universe. I am particularly talking about Michael Vick, although there have been countless others that have ruined lives and disregarded not only laws, but morals.

Mr Vick is still playing football- having served a short amount of time for dog fighting. It would be easy enough to hate him for that alone. Add the cruelty and callousness he displayed in killing and maiming his dogs and he is right up there with Kim Jong Il if you ask me.

The announcers in tonight's show actually had the audacity to suggest that Mr Vick had repaid his debt to society- as if he had just run a red light, or accidentally stolen a candy bar from his local W-Mart. He scoffed at the teams that didn't want Vick to play on their team because of his 'mistake'.

Is there ever any redemption for cruelty to animals? Has Mr Vick ever really apologized? Has he given money ( not court ordered) to build shelters or feed homeless animals? Are his millions of dollars going to show how sorry he is? I think not.

Many people, sports minded people, will probably scoff at me  for the outrage I feel at Mr. Vick's actions, after all they are 'only dogs'. And Mr Vick is supposedly a 'talent'.

Does being a 'talent' mean you can ignore the laws of society in any form? Can he also abuse children, kill people, trash hotel rooms, slap whores around or any number of any other 'mistakes'?
Oh, I know that not just Football stars are doing this stuff. Hollywood is full of reprobates, and the movies are doing just fine.

Here is where I stand. I don't have to watch football.
I don't have to watch movies with people I don't like in them.

I have the choice, and if I could I would sway as many people as possible to join me in ignoring these 'talent's no matter the form they take.

But I am but one lonely voice, but at least I can sleep easy at night.

BTW- today I let Glacier go to the big pasture in the sky. It was hard, but it was time. Thank you all for your loving support in my hard decision.


Today I am thankful there are people in this world who won't let hungry animals starve, who will stop abuses they see or suspect. That there are some people that have the welfare of animals foremost in their hearts.


Denisarita said...

Sending you a BIG hug... I know it was hard, and that made you her friend.

Maia said...

You always say what I want to so much better than I ever could. The fact that Michael Vick was picked up by any team and then someone actually said that that monster had paid his debt. Gag me. One of my neighbors has one of his bait dogs that has been rehabilitated. The fact that someone would do to that poor sweet animal what he did. Maybe I'll take a picture of her. Maybe I'll ask her owner to talk about her. She was tortured, folks. A dog that comes up to you with her tail wagging, just wanting to be loved was set out as bait and tortured. As far as I am concerned Michael Vick should rot in hell. He is not a talent. He is a monster.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Amen sistah!

Sadly there are people like Vick in every sport venue: golf, baseball, basketball, etc and they used to be looked up to as heroes by many young people. But these sports "heroes" cannot be trusted, as they keep showing us their true colors.

"repaid his debt to society"? No way. He should replay his debt to all those poor dogs he allowed be mauled and then tossed into the garbage pile.
Dogs don't care about money.
The roles should be reversed for him to have truly repaid his debts. Let him get ripped to shreds, then left to suffer and die in a garbage pile.