Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do you remember learning to read?

This question was posed on a Kid Lit website, and I thought it worthy of a re-post.

Well, do you remember?

I read somewhere that things before the age of five years are often not remembered. I don't know if it is a chemical thing, or a 'I don't have enough cubby holes to compartmentalize' thing.

What I do know is that I remember when I was a year old. I remember things in pictures, like a snapshot in my mind- and it isn't because I was told a thing- I actually remember much.

I was told that my Grandfather read the dictionary to me often. That is probably true. I know an awful lot of words! I don't remember him reading the words, but I remember my ear against his chest and his deep rumbling voice. ( Do you think it is a coincidence that my hubby has a deep rumbling voice? I think not.)

I remember the first book I ever read, given to me by my Aunt ( Grandpas sister of course!) for a birthday. "Are you my Mother?" I remember looking at those words and they made sense! I remember being like Helen Keller at the well, words and more words just made sense!
The library at the Elementary school was heaven! All those books and they would let me HAVE them! I could READ them!  I wasn't but five.
Since then I read and read and read!! Two or three books a week, magazines, cereal cartons, toothpaste tubes- anything. I never go anywhere that I don't have a book in tow. Of course now I also have to have glasses in tow! Good thing I carry a big ol' purse!

Do you remember the 'AHA!"?
Do you remember the book?
Do you remember much before the age of five?

BTW- now that I am over 50 (ahem!) I find that I don't remember those odd middle years between 27 and 40! Weird! Wouldn't it be nice to download and reboot!!! Or add more memory!


Maia said...

My Granddad retired the year that I was three. Having nothing better to do he taught me how to read. I still remember, sort of, kind of, the lines on the paper starting to make sence. By the time I was five I could read. By the time I was eight I was reading at the seventh grade level and speaking French. He taught me more than how to read, he taught me how to think and he is someone that I am grateful for.

Carolyn said...

It is a good question: I remember getting bored with Dick and Jane! Is that ALL they're going to do? Run and see Spot? Come on! We can do better than that!

Lil Mama said...

I remember learning to read. I also remember teaching my sister to read.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I enjoyed this post. I also remember those very early years in pictures...and scents. The scent thing is very strong actually. And if I smell the scent of a very old, musty library book or the smell of spagettios, for takes m wayyyy back.


btw, looooove the new header. I'm not sure what would be more frightening....riding King Tut over the car...or being on of those passengers in the back seat. gah!

Rising Rainbow said...

I learned to read in school and not before. My grandfather didn't read. Signed his name with an X. I used to read to him once I learned how. He was always so amazed and proud that I could read.

There's lots of mush in my memory of my middle years. Some I wish I could remember, other parts I don' miss at all.