Monday, March 8, 2010

The truth can be told

I think you all know that I was working on the Ranch. And I had a girl working there feeding horses that had been there quite awhile. She fell and broke her heel. When she asked about Work Comp she was ignored by the partners and their lawyers. Worse than that - all of the lawyers and partners were trying to say that I had the responsibility for buying the work comp insurance. They are insisting that I was a contractor and not an employee.

I beg to differ!

So I got my own lawyer.

He agreed that I am an employee, mostly because I was being paid an hourly wage ( a low one at that ) for feeding etc, and they were providing the funds for me to disperse to the vendors and employees.
So I was advised not to go to work and feed the horses or do any other work until they had a workers comp insurance policy in place.
They refused.
So I had one of the partners ( who is not very reputable) breaking into the mailbox where the checks were left- I have no idea how many checks he took. I am pretty sure he wont' be using any of that money to pay for anything around the ranch.
AND on the same day he pissed off the stall cleaners and they both quit!
And the one boarder that is a certified NUT job actually called MY cell phone and demanded I come and give her the keys to the ranch and told me in a very condescending manner that I really needed to talk to her so we could fix the situation!
It was a good thing it was a VOICE message and that she wasn't standing CLOSE to me! Grrrr!
So it is now official. I am DONE!
Stick a fork in me and call it good.
Now I have other chores to worry about- like filing work comp claims, and labor commission charges and EDD charges that will cause audits etc...

How in the hell did I go from a barn manager to a form filer!


Reddunappy said...

ug what a mess. Hang in there.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's outrageous.

Maia said...

Holy OMG, that is shocking. How in the world could they say with a straight face that you had to get the worker's comp insurance and pay for it? Do you have a legal interest in that ranch? Are you a partner? If so, where are your profits, hmm. Where is the legally binding document giving you part ownership?I think you and your lawyer have a wonderful case if you wanted to go that far. Let's see there's pain and suffering, loss of wages, humiliation and character assassination, oh the list is endless.

Good luck, it's all going to be fine, you'll see.

PS: The only thing I can see an audit doing is bringing the feds down on their nasty heads like a duck on a june bug.

GunDiva said...

I hate disreputable people and the harm they can do to people who are just trying to do what's right.

Rising Rainbow said...

UGH! This really is a mess. I can so relate. Things here are that big a mess.....just a different mess.

Glad you got a lawyer. Very smart.

Good luck! I hope they burn their *sses on the work comp.