Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The icing on the cake!

The lawyers said I could be allowed to come back!
IF- under oral agreement only- I agreed to buy all the insurances needed for three weeks until the barn is closed-
Pay for them myself-
retain the services of a Payroll company to pay the workers
perhaps, but not absolutely- they MAY reimburse me for my expenses after the ranch is sold- for the 2.5 MILLION dollers they expect to get from it!

Need I tell you all what I said to that preposterous consideration?


Maia said...

2.5 million, well as a "partner" as in someone who's supposed to fork over her own money for their expenses, I think you deserve a piece of that pie.

PS: In my last post, I forgot to mention the ever popular lack of consortium. How's a girl supposed to have a giggle in her wiggle when she's under such stress. And if that girl is a published author, I can only begin to imagine the writer's block this whole mess has caused. Can a dollar amount be placed on her pain and suffering. You betcha and I'd be about find out how much.

I know you already have a lawyer, but certainly there must be a shark in your area one who would be only too happy to see that you are compensated for the stress of this whole miserable ordeal.

GunDiva said...

I hope whatever you told them included placing their craniums in a certain exit-only oriface. Grrr...

Reddunappy said...

Oh my go* I would hope you told them to stuff in up thier pompas A*&%s

Denisarita said...

Not only no, but HELL NO! And the insurance can go where the sun don't shine!!!!!! Asshats.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh W.o.W!! Don't you feel priviledged?(snort)

I'm wondering if those guys know my man's business partner? LOL

Vaquerogirl said...

I feel so vindicated!! Thanks All!

Breathe said...

Never, never work for lawyers in their side businesses. They KNOW the law, KNEW they were breaking it, and figured they could bully everyone around.

It's enough to inspire a posse.

Rising Rainbow said...

It takes all kinds and them kind are pretty d*mn unethical....... and stupid if they thought you would buy into that! GEEZ!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poppy Cock...that's what!