Sunday, February 21, 2010

We done it!

Well we done it! We pulled off a very sucessful Crab Feed! It was the first one we've ever done, and so we had a lot to learn, but my Awesome Eight just dug in and worked hard. We Pre-sold 120 tickets and then sold another 10 at the door! We had to scramble around to add tables and chairs!
The members of the club donated some of these great raffle prizes- we had expensive bottles of wine, tools, a massage, a diamond braclet, a dinner for 14 -Prime Rib of course-, a basket of stitchery (don't really know what was in there, Vaquerogirl don't sew!)There were about 15 raffle items in all and everyone got something they really wanted. Except for me- I really wanted the GPS system the Club bought to raffle off!
Here is BJ and KBG. Bills apron has the real convict number of Martha Stewart!

Lil Mama donned her best apron and served the food, along with Mimi and her friend Cait. These girls were like serving machines! No one had to wait too long for any food. The result was happy diners and bigger tips for them!
And in the bigger picture- we will be able to upgrade our Waterfront Equestrian Park, which in turn will benefit the Charities that we give to as well as all the other horse clubs in the area that rent our Equestrian Park from us through the year.


Lil Mama said...

We did great! Yeah MHA

Denisarita said...

Were there any leftovers? I Love crab... Wish I could have come.