Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Fine- really

Things have settled down at least for today. I'm not dying and I haven't killed anyone- yet. My six shooter is loaded though and I have been know to have a surly attitude at times!
In the meantime, my dear and darling friends have talked me back to sanity and I'm ready to work. And tonight is our first CRAB FEED for my Horsemen's Club.

Fresh dungeness crab right out of the cold Pacific water along the California Coast! YUMMM!!

Of course I'll be working the crowd, delivering food and encouragement to buy raffle tickets and wine! And who better but the Queen of the Horsemen herself! Vaquerogirl! I will leave my shootin' iron at home though ( ready for ..**Haaaaawk- ptooie- LAYWERS!)

Pictures and update tomorrow. Wish me luck! We need to make some money to upgrade our Waterfront Equestrian Park!


Maia said...

As we say in the south,just sashay on up to those cowboys, smile up at them and I bet you make enough money for two equestrian parks.

If you need a posse for your lawyer shoot, let me know :)

Heidiwriter said...

Sounds like you're havin' fun! Enjoy the crab feed--I'm jealous!


BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Ohhh I L.O.V.E dungeness crab!!! Where was my invite? I would have come.

Sounds like things around the barn are a bit tense. Isn't that inevitable when you get a bunch of non-horse people involved? They never understand. And they are lawyers to boot!

Vaquerogirl said...

Maia- Lawyer Shoot! Priceless!

BEC- I totally would have put you at my table! Next year? It's a date!