Thursday, October 1, 2009

Loma Rica Cattle Drive

Way out here in Califor-n I-A land is EX-pensive! If you want to have a big cattle ranch you better have inherited land, or be a millionaire -rockstar- movie maker.
OR... you can do it on a small scale~ like the Dolittle Cattle Co in Loma Rica, California. 

With about thirty acres they run about thirteen cows and calves. They bring in enough money to (sometimes) pay the taxes, or the winter hay bill or the Costco shopping check....well you get the picture. Still there is a certain satisfaction in running a few head of your own- no matter how few.
 Occasionally the herd needs to be moved from one parcel to another and this is when we do the Loma Rica Cattle Drive.
It is a fine art.
No horses are used, it would just take longer to tack up and ride out! 
Keith and Jr check the four-wheeler,making sure it's got plenty of gas.  Jr gets his own paddle. All hands are important in the Loma Rica Cattle Drive.


Lil Mama and Denise block the road, cuz ya don't want any unwanted cars wizzing past. 

Then Keith eases into the herd, and moves them towards the gate. 
Denise revs the four-wheeler,complete with a flake of Alfalfa...

Lucy and Ethel know the drill- they move through the gate- eager for the yummy hay....
The bull stops to give us the once over, but decides that the hay wagon holds more interest.

"C'mon girls!"The sound of Denise's' melodious voice lures them on down the road....

Into the pasture across the street- no casualties! Hurray!

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