Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Team Sorting in Loma Rica

Before I went to the DHC, I spent the night with my friends in Loma Rica. They like to Team Sort, and I had never done it, so they drug me and one of their good geldings along for a little fun.
I had never ridden this gelding-Sparky- before, and I had never tried Team Sorting before- but I was game and Sparky seemed to know what he was doing. I gotta tell ya, it was so much fun!
In AQHA, you sort from one pen to another, but in this fun team sorting you sort from one end of the arena to the other. 
There are three people on a team, and the cattle are all numbered. The hardest part was actually seeing which number was on which steer! The steers were a little fresh, and when some of those teams galloped up on them, they scattered like straw before a hurricane. 
My team was made up of Denise, Keith (her hubby) and me. We opted for the slower pace, easing into the herd, making the cut and then urging them out down the fence. We actually did pretty well too- our scores were 245, 219 and 209. We kept getting better as the night wore on!
Denise says she doesn't do it for the score- she just goes for the camaraderie and the fun.  But It was nice getting a score too! 
If you've haven't tried Team Sorting, find the nearest club that does it and join along. I'm looking for one around  my neck of the woods now. Look out Desi!

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