Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Whaddya do?

I have to drive across the Benicia Bridge, toll is $4.00(freak'n) dollars. In line- waiting to pay the toll. 
Car in front takes forever. I sigh. Turn up the radio.  Ho hum! Finally my turn, I pull up, flash the $4 dollars. Toll taker waves me through.


"The car ahead of you paid for you" he says.

Sheesh- I used to do that when the toll was a BUCK! People still do that? 

I try to catch up to the car in front of me... it's going really fast. I weave through traffic to keep them in sight. They are way ahead of me.

Now what? Do I break the law so I can wave and mouth the word 'Thanks' at 75 miles per hour?Or... do I take the risk of being thought a Cretin by the Car In Front by not catching up? And now I can't just pass them... that would seem kinda weird.  What if I just drive excessively fast and pass them, without any acknowledgement? What kind of a jerk would I be then? 

Jeez!- All for four freakin' dollers!  


gtyyup said...

Really???? You actually have to pay $4 to cross a bridge??? Geezz.

I'd sure like to know who paid my way...but I'd rather not get a ticket either! So, did you catch up and find out who it was?

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

LOL!! You're funny! My DB will sometimes pay for the coffee of the people behind us at Then one day the car in front of me paid for mine at the drive-thru starbucks! How cool was that! lol

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Sounds like the driver didn't want to be thanked. I'd die if I lived somewhere where I always needed to keep a certain amount of money on me to cross bridges. Who needs that extra thing to worry about? Just tax me to get money for the highways, but don't make me dig through my purse every time I'm trying to get somewhere.

Cowgirly said...

okay $4 to cross a bridge is nuts, I hate tolls! Seems like the govt gets enough of our tax dollars out of our paychecks already! :P