Thursday, August 13, 2009

A horse of a different color

Here I am, at the final horse show in the series I usually go to.I'm not showing Desi- no money for that this year- but I am babysitting Littlest Cowboy! Lil Mama is showing Big Bob! First time in two years. 
I have to tell you though I am super happy to be here! I just love horse shows even if I'm not showing.  My friends are here, they all will talk bloodlines or patterns or tips with you all day long. It is hot today too- 92. And I'm in charge of the Little boy. wow! This is why fifty year olds shouldn't have kids- you cant keep up! I can tell you though that showing with a baby is a horse of a different color. Everything is different from how we go, to where we go. Our meals are different, our alcoholic beverage consumption is different ( mostly),our bedtimes and our awake times are different.
 Tomorrow I go to set up 'camp' between the two rings, in the grass in the shade. I'm taking blankets, toys, books, snacks, juice, diapers and a valium ( that is for me). Not Horse show Mom- but Horse show Granny! I'll post pictures and let you know how LM and Bob did tomorrow! 


gtyyup said...

I'd rather be showing than babysitting...there really is a reason I didn't have kids ;~)

Good luck, have fun, and stay cool in the shade!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

That is so awesome. Good luck to lil momma. I'd tell you good luck too, but hey you covered all your bases(valium at the ready).;)

Mikey said...

Lol, I hear that. It was a big shocker to me to try to show with my daughter around, and that's with Wade babysitting. Big distraction!! It sure does change how you do things :)
I hope she does awesome on Big Bob out there, cheer her on for us!