Saturday, May 9, 2009

Today is the Day!

It has been a long and stressful three weeks, but today is the day we move the other horses to their new boarding facility. I feel like a ten year old that has to change schools! You know, excited and happy and anxious all at the same time? My girls used to say " I'm scared!" when they felt like that and I would tell them- " That is because you are anticipating the fun!"
Almost all of my tack is out of the old barn and my very kind son-in law Jeff Sr is fixing the hole. And he's fixing it ten times better than it was ever put up in the first place.
Lil Mama and I took his big ol diesel truck to the lumber store in Richmond yesterday to pick up the materials. His truck is a Dodge, with a huge metal square camper, utility racks and giant bumpers front and back. When it goes down the road you hear and see it! So we have the littlest cowboy asleep in the back seat when we get there ( of course! Thats the only time he wants to sleep) and when we pull up, three yard men( I used that term loosely) turn to stare. I tell LM-" I guess they don't ever see a truck like this in Richmond with girls in it!"
SO in I go, to buy the materials, the guys inside are nice to me ( I'm kinda a cute granny!) and we go around back to pick up the stuff. Those guys are driving big forklifts thither and yon- all at warp speed- and everyone that passes just ogles us- both! And they aren't even sly about it. Nope, just head turning, tongue-lolling kind of stares. And the truck is still running- cuz GAWD the baby is asleep and don't you DARE wake him up! And another guy- a customer- comes up to me standing there waiting for MY crazy forklift driver to get back with the stuff- " Hey what kind of work do you DO?" He nods to the big truck.
I have to laugh! I say- We build barns! Hahaha!
More on the 'Mission' when it is done and I promise to bring pictures!

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Funny story about the lumber store. :D
So exciting about the BIG move to the new barn. I hope all goes well and the horses adjust well, too.