Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I didn't take pictures- but yesterday I moved Glacier away from the boarding stable I've been struggling with for awhile. And the weird saga of poor Glaciers life just continues...
My friend owns a retirement facility very near where I live. It's 60 acres of hills and trees, just a horse kinda heaven. I called her and she agreed to take Glacier for the summer. I sort of explained that I had taken the horse as a rescue, and all the hills and grass would be great for the girl. So I load the mare up ( easily) and take her over there, unload the trailer and turn Glacier loose in the arena where she will live until she was settled.She immediatly started calling and running around, head up- eyes bright.
My friend and I continued talking (while watching to make sure Glacier would be ok) and I told her the story of how I came to have the mare. Then Megan's -the little biznatch- name cam up- natch.
" Oh yeah" says my friend, " That spoiled little girl was here with three horses and her friend had a horse too." And then she got a funny look on her face. " This is Glacier!"
"Yeah" I say.
" She's been here before!" says my friend. " I had to ask her to leave, they were so rude and arrogant."
My friend could see that Glacier had gone downhill since she had seen her last, but that she was healthy now. So more good Ju-Ju for Glacier!
In a few days Glacier will join her herdmates on the grassy hills of Martinez! What a great way to begin the summer for her!


Stephanie said...

Good I am glad Glacier knows where she is and that it is a good pace - she will be at ease...

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

People so don't realize how small the horse world is. I guess that previous owner has been spreading her joy and love all over the place(note the sarcasm?).

The Wife said...

Yea for Glacier. I bet she will be super happy running the grassy hills!