Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Notice Something?

Notice something in the two pictures? (Besides my oversized thighs? )Something that is missing perhaps?
Something that isn't there?
Should I give you a hint?
Something that ....
looks great!
And is cost effective!
Something that most people don't do to their own Show Ponies?
Something .....Retro?
OK.... It is...
Desi's mane- or his lack of one!
That's right- I roach!
I said it!
Uh -huh! I do it! No Shame in it!
Did you notice? Did you miss it? Doesn't he look good with it gone?

I think he looks 100% better roached, and there is no banding or braiding to do! Just wash, scrub, oil and VOILA! Pretty!
I'd like to do it to myself sometimes!
What kind of manes do your horses sport! I want pictures!


The W.O.W. factor said...

LOL! Cowboy MUCH prefers roached! HIS have always been, but as I glance outside at the 5 here for starting??? Today, he braided them all! He doesn't dare roach what's not his!

C-ingspots said...

I think he looks beautiful!! Remember, I'm an Appy lover here and have come to love, love, love the simple "no frills" look!! I always say to people that my horses have enough natural good looks that they simply don't need all that extra hair or "fluff"!!

Roach on!!!

And they are so much cooler in the hot weather with their "summer do's"!

Anonymous said...

He's sure looks handsome! Very neat and clean...that's rather important in the show ring I understand!
Dad use to do that to some of his horses. To me, it makes their neck look longer and they appear more alert, IMHO....of not knowing much about horses! Guessing it's also one less thing to have to deal with on your end!!
Do I say he has a "Faux Hawk' as it grows out??

The Wife said...

Wild hair! Just like their owner's mane!

Lil Mama said...

I love the first pic of you and Karen. It looks like a push me pull you.

If Bob rubs his mane out this spring he's gettin it roached too.

Stephanie said...

Awesome - good for you!

There some work that no longer needs done huh?

Thinking this year I may have to teach myself how to braid (boo!). Roaching sounds tempting...

Anonymous said...

Ah, to roach, or not to roach. Your pony looks fantastic with a roached mane. My Okie has a thin neck at the top and looks better with a mane. Also, his mane is silver, like Gene Autry's Champion. Whatever looks better, i say.

Caroline said...

I think he looks great without mane! Here in Ireland a lot of cobs are roached, so it is not an unusual sight for me. Looks good and so practical. I have ridden a friend's horse called Bertie lately, he has a beautiful mane, but it gets stuck everywhere and everytime I ride I manage to end up with handfuls of it... See you around!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I remember when my step-dad used to roach ALL of his saddle horses manes.
When Megan's paint pony rubbed out about 1/3 of his mane, we roached it too.

Other than that, we are all about the long and natural, if possible. I have seen some pleasure horses with long manes and banded. I think it looks nice and neat. Most of our horses have big, thick manes that look good long, but there are a couple that would probably look better pulled or better yet, roached. I'm glad to see that it is an option again.

BTW-I probably would never have noticed it you had not pointed it out. Your gelding has such a nice neck that you just don't notice he is "missing" anything.;)

Sydney said...

Long, always long. Indigo has a peticularly long and pretty mane heres one pic but the blog has a lot more
long mane
science vs tradition

♥~♥ Tracey ♥~♥ said...

Natural, barely trimmed manes. We don't show, so we don't do much for the appearance!