Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanks Horseshoeing Housewife-I think...

Ok I've been tagged by the Horse shoeing Housewife. I'm suppose to tag a few others, but I don't have all that many blogger buddies yet- so I'll just leave it open- for now.
This is six (count 'em) 6 things that are little known about me.

1. I love Cartoon movies. My Favorite is The Incredibles, but I love them all from Shrek to Snow White.

2. I have been a professional driver. Not like a race car driver- although I have gone fast in a car or two. I mean I drove for a living- I was a Team-o bitch for 12 years, and I drove a Limo for two. I love to drive!

3. I wanted to be an actress or director when I grew up and actively studied to do so.

4.I've been without a horse in my life probably a total of two weeks.

5. I was on local TV last year and I never tuned in to watch the program.

6. I am a history buff-especially California History and local Native American History. But I have traced one line of my ancestors all the way back to the early 1700's when they came here from Ireland as indentured servents.

So now you know all about Vaquerogirl!


Mikey said...

I love the Incredibles too. That movie rocks. I bet you've got tons of cool history stuff. Lord knows you have some great old pics on this blog.
Thanks for doing it :)

Latigo Liz said...


Cheryl said...

I follow your blog! I LOVE it!

Breathe said...

I'm a huge animation fan too. Finding Nemo and Toy Story are my favorites.

We just saw Bolt. It's going on the favs list next!

love da blog!