Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Saga Of Glacier

OH Friends, this is a long and sad little story. 
Can you bear it at Christmas time? 
I hope so. 

This is the Saga of Glacier, the little black and white Appaloosa mare. She was purchased as a young horse up in the Territory of Alaska. She was loved and petted and the girl that bought her is my little sister. LS rode her everyday, trained her in the wilds of Alaska, riding her and packing on her- the little mare gave her all with never any fuss. She was THAT kind of horse. 
Then LS moved to the Lower 48 and brought the little mare with her. She took good care of her, but things started to go bad. LS got into drugs and her hubby got into alcohol. They still took care of Glacier, but maybe not as good as they should have. LS continued to get worse and worse, she left her family and abandoned her horse. She tried to get straight and divorced her hubby but the pull of drugs was too strong and pretty soon, she wasn't going to see Glacier at all. She forgot she had a horse or a family. Glacier was abandoned -but the barn owner was kind and fed Glacier, and fixed her neglected feet. This is about the time I realized the LS wasn't taking care of Glacier any more. I tried to buy Glacier, but it was too late the barn owner had already sold her to a young girl that he thought was kind and good. She wasn't. She was a spoiled selfish little beznatch! I tried to buy Glacier from her and she said " F-you!" But the little girl couldn't keep Glacier, she rode her too hard, fed her too rich and nearly killed her- so she gave her to some other kids. The other kids weren't any better. They abandoned Glacier in a field. A nice woman that someone knew had horses was called in to rescue Glacier, which she did- and because she had eleven horses of her own she listed her for sale on Craig's list. 

Where I spied her. 

"It can't be OUR Glacier!" I thought! So I called up my Super Sleuth- Lil Mama- and had her call the nice woman. The Nice Woman told Lil Mama a sad tale of this poor abandoned appaloosa horse. The horse was suppose to be a super dressage horse brought down from Alaska, but the poor horse had been abandoned for the last ten years in a field. 


I knew the real story- but I wern't saying. 

So I got out my "Hunny, this is Real Important To Me," face and put it on- hit my TERRIFFIC Hubby up for the dough-which he gave to me with nary a fuss at all! We hitched up the trailer and headed out.
Lil Mama and I drove to the Nice Woman's house- 2 hours away- with a screaming baby-through rush hour Bay Area traffic and negotiated for the sad little horse. We smiled and nodded and finally put the little mare into our trailer and brought her home. 
NOW she is our little Pony- Never to roam no more. She has a forever home with ME and Lil Mama! 
LS won't ever get her back- and she will want for nothing all the days of her life.

Hey! I didn't say the story had a sad ending!

If you want to see the pictures go to Mommy in Spurs blog- she took them this afternoon. I'll post some later tomorrow. 


Mrs Mom said...

TOTALLY EXCELLENT!!!!!! Cant wait to see pix. ^6 to you and Lil Mama for getting that sweet mare back home!!!

The Wife said...

How awesome is that! It's amazing you found her! She is one lucky girl!

Reddunappy said...

Wonderful story, I am so glad you were able to save her!I too have issues with my sister and she shouldnt have horses, but I cant be judge and jury. sigh......

Mikey said...

Awww, that is so good! Loved the pics, just surfed over from Lil Mama's. What an amazing story. A true Christmas miracle, especially for Glacier.
*sniffle* you girls are the best!!

Lil Mama said...

Good story!
Case closed.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Another person destroyed by drugs and alcohol. It is so sad for everyone involved and the animals that suffer too.

How very lucky for that little mare that you found her and got to finally bring her home.

gtyyup said...

That's an amazing story (dabbing the eyes...sniff)!!

You were in the right place at the right time for the right reason...Amen.