Saturday, December 27, 2008

I've been scrapped!

 Heidi over at   Heidiwriter's Weblog has scrapped me! Oh that sounds painful doesn't it? Fear not! I can handle it! I've been scrapped before- or perhaps I have been doing the scrapping. On the other hand- Scrap is good! It is creative! I make stuff out of scrap all'a time! 
So I have to give you all ten 'scraps' of honest info about me. BORING! But I'll do it anyway- y'all need a nap right about now I'm sure. 
Oh and I have to scrap some other folks too! So look out I may scrap you! Check out the end of the blog to see who I've picked. 

Scrap 1. I hate to cook. Yup- I know all you dollys out there LUUUUVVE it, but I have a fierce wish to turn my stove into a planter. 

Scrap 2. I've been buying trading and selling horses since I was about ten. Some of them my parents knew about, some they didn't. But that was in a time where people would deal with a confident ten year old and not ask, " Where is your Mother?" 

Scrap 3.  I've never been out of the country. Yes that is Country not county. Not Mexico-not Canada, not even Hawaii which is still technically in the USA, but since you have to fly over water to get there  I count it. 

Scrap 4. Before I had a drivers license, I had a black and white pony and cart that I drove EVERYWHERE!. And remember this is the East Bay, just East of San Francisco- people gawked! Even then....

Scrap 5. My first real job besides babysitting or riding horses was at a Gas Station and I was the window washer. Self explanatory I'm sure. I was 14 and made $1.50 an hour. 

Scrap 6. When I was five I rode my Shetlands with a string wrapped around their bottom jaws because I had read about it in a book. ( Where is your mother?")And I didn't ever ride in an arena- it was the wide open spaces....

Scrap 7. I have had horses rear and fall on me three times. (and of those times I was hurt twice).

Scrap 8. My greatest aspiration ( as of today anyway) is to ride Bay Desperado (Desi) in the AQHA Select show.Someday. Soon.

Scrap 9. I read about three books a week. 

Scrap 10. I listen to the Grateful Dead all of the time. Aiko Aiko is my favorite song, followed closely by Sugar Magnolia.

So there you have it! Fascinated? I'll bet! 
And now... I am going to Honestly Scrap ....
Bee Content Ranch  
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Life at the Rough String.

Great Blogs all! Now its your turn to spill!


Heidi said...

Great! Love it.

Jocelyn said...

Done! Whew !

Have a Happy New Years!
Word Verif: epsityri

Sounds like a name that someone would name their poor Mini :)They always have crazy names!

Callie said...

Interesting "scraps". I too hate cooking and well, I did make a planter out of my stove! LOL, Just the old antique one I replaced, but my hubs soes most of the cooking!

Breathe said...

okay, I'll ask - where was your mother? LOL. Great list and I'm buying my next horse from you (as long as your mother's present, natch)

Train Wreck said...

Inter esting very inter esting... lol! You were a little go getter were'nt you! I love the stove into a planter! hahaha! Girly you are a hoot! Hope you had a Wonderful Christmas!Did you get everything you asked for? he he Have a safe and WOnderful New Year!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

So, were you a Deadhead? My brother was a total Deadhead and I went to a few Grateful Dead concerts myself. The music is very relaxing and the scene was unique.

Vaquerogirl said...

My mother- well she was prolly off workin' somewhere. She never really did keep close tabs on any of us kids- prolly why we are so independent today. We just had better be home within a hour of dark!

The Wife said...

You were quite the little spitfire as a child, weren't you! Love the tidbits!

OneCowgirl said...

I too love the Grateful Dead. Even managed to see them in concert on both coasts!! Most interesting scaps!! THANK YOU! You are too cool!