Sunday, December 28, 2008

Glacier Update

Glacier is doing well! As of today she has gained 40 pounds! That is about 10 lb. a week.  Her energy level is returning, she now has enough energy to make ugly faces at Desi, her next stall neighbor, and hop up and down if he gets fed first. 
Her skin problem is slowly resolving itself with the scabs and hair falling out in small pieces.    I'm using MTG on it, and though it is rather smelly it seems to be working. Her thrush is nearly gone too- Thanks Thrush Buster!
I wanted to see if she knew how to lunge on a line today, so after grooming her, and cleaning her feet, we put on the halter and went into the arena. After first standing there looking at me like,  " Oh darn!" she began to walk in a circle around me. At the snap of the whip she began to trot, and I must say she has a long lovely stride. Then I asked for the lope, and she kinda forgot she was on a long line and took off bucking and running. She hit the line, with my big butt on the other end, and it knocked her off her feet. She's still weak, so it sure didn't take much. Not to worry though- she's ok. 
After that she remembered her manners and loped nicely around in a circle, both directions. 
I'm very pleased I won't have to retrain her, and now we can begin building some muscle tone back into her.
She's really very sweet and extremely kind ( except to Desi whom she hates!)
I didn't have my camera with me today, but I'll take some new pictures soon so you all can see the improvements. 


gtyyup said...

That's wonderful news...she'll be back to normal in no time with your care and love!! please!!!


The Wife said...

Oh, I am so glad to hear how well she is doing. That is great! Glad to hear she has a little spunk left in her as well!