Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Galloping off again!

It's time for the last three horse shows in the series I've been going to. My trailer is packed and ready to go, horse is bathed and polished, clothes cleaned and in the truck. How ready can one girl be? I know that after I've trailered the two hours to get there, un packed all my gear, made Desi comfy and checked in at the show office I'll be more than excited. And on Friday- the first day - my nerves will be at their height! Why so nervous? I guess I am anticipating the fun ( like I used to tell my girls) and hoping that all my hard work will have been worth it.
Now by worth it, I don't mean that I have to be Numero Uno in every class- no, I set smaller goals for myself, so at least I have a chance of making a few. I mean that I will remember to breathe, to lower my hands, to sit back, to watch were I'm going and especially - to learn something new and to have fun! That is what I mean by worth it.
Of course Desi will be good. Of course I won't fall off ( I might get thrown, but that happens sometimes),of course my outfits will be brilliant ( Thanks Tish!) And if I'm lucky and everything goes well, I may even place in my class! In any event, I won't give up- I'll keep setting goals, keep training and keep having fun!

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