Friday, July 25, 2008


I have been working like a dog along with a dedicated crew of Horsemen and women to put on tomorrows Battle of the Barns- 2008. We've been putting on this Charity Fund raiser for about 12 years now, with great sucess. The money goes to Xenophon Theraputic Riding Center located in Orinda California. They usually bring a few kids and the therapy horses for a demonstration. Let me tell you- if you are blue, feeling sad about your miserable life or think that life isn't worth living, I wish you'd come and watch these kids. They are terriffic as well as inspirational! Some of them can't walk alone, dress themselves or communicate normally, but when they are on the back of their horses, they are all Ten feet tall Bulletproof! The smiles that cross their faces are better than the sunshine after a rainy day. Ask any one of them if they'd rather be somewhere else and you'd get a resounding " NO!"
Well, I'm as normal as anyone I guess, but just seeing theses kids love their horses, be excited by what they do and what a new day could hold, is pure inspiration to me. Even though I'm tired now, tomorrow I'll be back on the trail again, holding the pictures of those wonderful kids in my mind.

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