Monday, July 14, 2008

Sometimes it takes awhile...

Last year my darling daughter the Rider- Gin- was thrown from her horse straight into a fence. It was during an event we were sponsoring, and I was on the scene across the arena. I heard the loud clang, and then someone say " Go get Barbara!" I dropped everything to sprint across the arena, just knowing it was my girl in trouble. As I approached, a few friends valiently tried to deflect me from where Gin was lying in the dirt. I just ached seeing her lying there unconcious! Luckily paramedics were on the scene and they knew what to do.Finally she came to and I heard her say," Don't tell my Mom, she'll freak out." Way too late for not freaking, I might add.
Well Gin had eight staples in her head and she is as right as rain now. A few months later she became pregant with her first child.
I told you that story to now tell you this one...
Gin gave birth to a beautiful baby boy- Jr. Three weeks old and healthy as can be, with a set of lungs that Pavorotti would envy. I went over to 'spell' her one evening. She was exhausted and hormonal, tears were flowing from her and Jr. "Mom, my husband dosen't understand that it physically hurts me when my baby cries. They've done tests on this! They know its a fact!"
I just smiled at her and kissed her forehead. " Yes, dear. I know!"
"Remember, don't tell my Mom, she freaks out?"
Gin got a stricken look on her face.
"Oh my God! It dosen't end!"
I shook my head, still smiling. " No Dear, it never does."

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Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

Hey Barb - you are right - beautiful grandbaby, and it never ends. I used to tell my mom not to worry about me and she'd just say, "But I'm your mother." That's a special thing we get to have while our moms are with us. Your daughter is lucky. Suzy