Thursday, July 10, 2008

Feed prices

I went to the feed store today and boy was I shocked by the price of my feed. In the short course of a month my $15.00 sack of feed went to $27.00! WHAT! Almost double in four weeks? What the hell! I mean I don't mind paying a little more for feed, price of living and all that! But who is getting that giant bump! I'm sure that the folks in Middle America aren't paying what I pay for the same bag. AQHA published a USA map with hay prices across the country, and California and the Greater West coast is paying signifigantly more, even though a lot of what we consume is grown right here. Does the rest of America think that just because we live in California that our pocket books are deeper? I can tell you that they are not.
Is there a time when the feed will come down in price? I don't think so- what is a girl to do?
Luckily ( or smartly) I now have only one horse to feed and house, but what about others? How are you all making ends meet?