Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No Zoom~

Every year in September there is a big Draft Horse Show. They call it the Draft Horse Classic and it is spectacular! The first picture is a shot from the Grandstand showing a four up rail. ( That is the term for this type of wagon). The horses are Clydesdales but I'm sorry to say I cannot remember the name of the Company driving them. 

This picture is showing the line up for the six horse hitch. There are almost always two riders on these wagons; a 'whip' who is the reinsman, and his co-pilot. They drive six horses at once, each horse has only one rein running back to the whip. The co-pilot keeps the reins or 'lines' straightened out into the bed of the wagon, and when they line up they also get out and hold the team- that is why the woman in the dress is holding the horses. Her team was matched Percherons, the wagon a polished natural wood, the harness was black and chrome. Boy they were pretty! The two adjoining teams were both Belgians. This was taken with a cell phone camera BTW!

For my last photo in the challenge I chose a picture of a nearby lake. I like the lines of the path, the fence and the water, softened by the trees in the background. 


Marissa Rose said...

I LOVE the draft horse festival. We go every year. My favorite part is the open barns, going in and petting the horses is great!

Maia said...

That sounds too cool.I wish I could have been there