Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's December 1st- Is it over yet?

We picked up our tree yesterday.
Early? Yes.

Did we do it to beat the rush of Holiday shoppers?
Not really.

We just wanted to take a few pictures of the dog and Christmas Trees are so colorful.

Actually it is The Hubby's  
birthday on Friday and I always put one up for him before his Big Day.

This has to be the earliest we've ever put up our tree! December 1 and the temp outside is 70 degrees.
Not very Christmas-y.
I keep hoping that next week it will seem more like the Holiday. 
I'm even making a list of things that I like about Christmas to help put me in the mood. 
But before I list them, here are some of the things I don't like about The Holiday

1. Christmas Car Commercials. No one ever buys a car for anyone on their list! At least not in my world.
2. Black Friday. Why don't they call it RED Friday? Or Green Friday? Something less associated with Death! 
3.TV Show Christmas Specials. I mean really~ A Storage Wars Special Christmas Episode? Happy Holidays from the Swamp Guys? 
4. Poor Imitation Santa Clauses. Hold up the image men!Santa should be clean, not smell like smoke and not trying to text under his fake beard.

What do I like?
1. Spending quiet time with my family. 
2.Christmas lights
4.Baskets of cookies for presents.

I'm interested to know what are your favorite Holiday things?


Maia said...

You're back. I was beginning to worry. So many are gone. Well what is my favorite holiday thing. The loveliness of snow. I really like it this time of year. That and baking and decorating. Love it.

Carolyn Plath said...

Like about Christmas? Just about everything...!
Dislike??? The end. Makes me sad to take down the tree.