Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunday Stills- Water

Capt Tripps sees the Ocean for the first time.

Clydesdale at the Draft Horse Classic getting a bath.

Aunti and Littlest Cowboy fishing for crawdads on his birthday.

The biggest cranes on the West Coast across the estuary in Alameda. That is the OLD Bay Bridge in the background. Slated for demolition soon.

My favorite spot on the Western Seaboard-Blind Beach,Sonoma County.

Blind Beach
                                                               I love water.
                                    My Zodiac sign is Cancer- which is a water sign. 
     I spend as much time in on near the water as I possibly can- which is weird because you can't ride horses                                   in water- and I have NEVER ridden on the beach! 


Ed said...

Great shots..:-)

Anonymous said...

Great selection, my favourite is the Clyde have a shower, of course!

Anonymous said...

Well done. :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice set of pictures, like the blind beach.

Maia said...

Hey there fellow water sign. I'm a pisces. I like your favorite spot, very well done. Also like fishing for crawdads.