Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Comments on Camels

Who knew there would be a website for buying and selling Camels?

It is  Camelsforsale.com

It is like Dreamhorse- 'cept it's Camels.

After browsing the website for awhile, I sent it on over to Lil Mama.

Blew. Her. Mind.

I started thinking about what you need to know about Camels. I mean, I know all kinds of stuff about buying and selling horses. What to say in your ad...what not to say. What to look for in a horse and what not to look for.

Seems like some things are the same. Such as ~
1. You DON'T want a Camel that kicks.
2. You DO want a camel that can already 'kush' which is camel handler talk for kneel.
3. You DON'T want a spitty Camel.
4. You DO want one that likes to be with people.

This site even has Camel Tutorials! I suppose there is a Clinton Anderson of the Camel World out there somewhere.

We ( and this is we as in Lil Mama and I- not the Royal WE ), have determined that what we need is a
'packer'. Which in the horse world is a horse that is dead broke and will 'pack' a greenhorn around without trying to kill them. But the dilemma now is- how do you find a packer camel? Aren't all camels built to be packers?
God protects children and greenhorns, I always say. In my mind that accounts for all the people who own horses and yet shouldn't.

I don't think Lil Mama wants to be one of the people that shouldn't- although the very idea of owning a camel is a 'shouldn't' idea if ever I heard one.

Boy camel or girl camel? Did you know you geld camels? I guess I should have figured that one out- but for some reason camels remained generic!

Just like horses- no bull camels.

The possibilities and responsibilities of Camel owning are becoming sharper in my mind now~

More on this topic later...

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Maia said...

I can hardly wait to see or hear about the new camel. I think they all spit, but what do I know. :) This just keeps getting more and more interesting.