Monday, February 4, 2013

Remington in Black and White ( and some red)

Remington is still up at the trainers, a two hour drive. Since gas prices are sorta high, and my finances are a little bit thin, I can only go to ride once every two weeks. Not really enough- especially for a gal that tries to ride 3-4 days a week. But I went up on Saturday and Rem was a real rock star! His lope ( my main concern) is coming along. My trainer also says he throws himself forward and even she has struggled with him a bit. But his legs are slowing down, he is picking himself up and driving from underneath much better. We can work on the lower head set at the higher gait later- first he has to learn to carry his own body. Too many times I see trainer 'rush' a baby. Forcing them into the un-natural slow gait required by the AQHA showing cadre'. I don't want that for Rem. As he builds strength and confidence, his position will improve.

My friend Terrisita came with me and brought her camera! JOY! I never get photos of myself with my horses~ I am going to share them with you! Many thanks to T!

Remington in his working gear

Jaq on Rem talking to me.

Look at his nice flatness! I have to move my foot back about three inches and drop those reins a bit more and we'd be golden!

Walk overs  are set high to maximize the 'step'. 

Loping. Looks good, nice slow legs, lowered head but not enough flex in the poll.

Drop the hands... move the leg ...look up...

He's a little worried here...not willing to bend much..

I like how he is listening here, and notice he's in a long shanked snaffle, which he responds to very well. Look at that draped rein!

Oh, yes, my favorite. Low head, soft mouth, I''m in a good position...jog jog jog!

Proof that I am a doofus. I sure look happy!

What in the world was I thinking? Rem isn't too sure either!

The weather turned a little warmer, the days are getting longer and Rem is shedding out in huge sheets! I was covered in white and brown hair. Not that I mind! I putted around for about two hours and all too soon it was time to drive home.

I won't be able to go back for another two weeks- but that is okay- that is why he's there after all!


Maia said...

What a pretty boy, and he really is coming along nicely.

Maia said...

A brief, immature aside. I really am the smaller person. Cackle, cackle, gloat, gloat. My Ravens were tremendous. The whole town has gone wild and everything is painted purple.

C-ingspots said...

He's looking really good, and so are you.

Shirley said...

When Rio goes to the trainer it will be about a 4 hour drive for me to go see him, so I hear you on not getting to see your boy often enough. He's looking good.