Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm nothing if not moved by the Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas rush is nearly upon us. Thanksgiving is next Thursday and it will be a short few weeks after that we will celebrate the 'BIG' holiday.


And as sometimes happens we get tired, overworked,stress and uninspired. So in the
Spirit of Christmas, and before I become all of the above, I'm compiling a blog of things that might help inspire your gift giving this year. I'm trying to support local and small businesses this year~ although my daughter reminded me that the employees at the Big Box Stores need a paycheck too. Maybe we can revise our shopping to Buy American!

Calenders are always appreciated and more importantly, needed.  Try one of these on for size and of course search your local area for others. 
Crazy M Photography
The Cloud Foundation
Oakdale Equine Rescue

It may sound totally corny but Gift Certificates for a needed service might be extra appreciated this year. Most every business will make up a certificate-  Just jazz up the certificate with a little something extra.  Maybe give a certificate for one horse shoeing and find a horse shoe style bridle hook. A certificate for  grooming for a stinky ranch dog- make up a small stocking, add the certificate, a tennis ball,  a box of dog treats (homemade or otherwise) and voila!
It's the little extra details that make any gift special.

Of course a small box of supplies make a great gift too. Ideas?
For the English rider:
Small skeins of coat matching yarn
Braiding rubber bands
Inexpensive scissors
Crochet hooks
Lint roller
Black shoe polish
Black duct tape

Western Pleasure or Trail riders:
Brightly colored marking pens
Lots of different colored Vet Wrap
Zebra Duct tape
Contrasting or matching coat color braiding bands
Cell Phone holder
Small ID tags to hang on bridles or saddles
Vintage earrings that will add sparkle under a Cowboy hat

I'm sure that you could put together a stocking or box full of these small items to fit any riding or life style.
(Hubby likes bullets, patches, solvents and flints- go figgure!)

I personally always appreciate the Gift of Grooming Supplies, Survivor by  Eqyss, Shampoos by Cowboy Magic,Rain Maker hoof conditioner.

Still more ideas~
For your Horse showing friends or family
Inexpensive Drapery panels or a cool heavy fabric can be cut and hemmed to make Show Drapes for an away from home tack room. (Make them about 4 feet long instead of six.)
Zip Ties
Combo locks (two)
 hoses (take colorful  Duck Tape and mark out a unique pattern on the hose).
Colorful spray Hose-Nozzles
Portable Stall ID's. ( Use small magnetic white boards and magnets)

Be sure to visit your local Pet store, Tack store, Hardware store and Farmers Market for more inexpensive gift ideas.

I sure hope that I have been able to lighten your hearts and spare your wallets. If you have other ideas, I'd sure like to hear them here!


Denisarita said...

I already got your gift. It's not much, but it's the thought. Your hubby might want it.

Shirley said...

You have some great ideas there. But what's with the Duct Tape? Why black for English riders- s'cuse my ignorance, haven't been around English show riders much.
I try to shop local, and support my blog friends home businesses, I have a list on my blog sidebar for them.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I never get any horse related gifts from my family, but I do like these great ideas you posted.