Saturday, April 21, 2012

Only Four more days

I took Rem to his first horse show today. It was a small AQHA show, there were only about 15-20 riders there, so it was actually perfect for a first time out.
I didn't ride in the show- I just wanted Rem to hear the announcers, see the other horses coming and going around him, learn to stand tied to the trailer and learn to stand still when at rest. It was perfect for that. And we did get into the ring where he was an absolute prince. Though he was a little bit apprehensive, he was still trying his best to please and never offered to balk, sulk, buck rear, run off or pull back. Whew!
Good thing too, we have our first BIG show of the season, heck of his life, in FOUR days.
The CAQHEA shows are the ones I took Desi to when he was first in his show career. It is a more mellow show than the Gold N Grand shows that we also like to go to, with many rings, many horses and riders. The rings also have huge flapping tents between the rings-you can see them behind Little Mama in this photo.

  I am a little apprehensive about them.  But if Rem is as good as he was in Woodland today I think we'll be OK.
I brought Rem home from the trainers today to get him all spruced up and so I could ride intensively for the next four days.
I'll be sure to post pictures and keep you updated!


Maia said...

I'm waiting to see that buckle. It's only a matter of time.

Shirley said...

What a beauty your horse is. If you are worried about the tents, your horse will be too- just don't think about them. I hope you do really well at the show.

Carolyn Plath said...

Good luck!