Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Virtual Wedding Guest for Mikey and Wade and Mercy

I can't actually be there for the most famous nuptials since Princess Di and that guy she married, but I will be there in spirit.
I propose that  we all take a picture of ourselves in our best Duds, Hats, Boots and Whatever and post it to our own sites that day as virtual guests for them.

And though I missed the Virtual Bridal Shower on Sunday, I am still raising my glass ( coffee cup actually) in toast-
...To Wade and Mikey...To a friendship that bloomed into Love, and a Love that will transcend life's obstacles, and life that will make the rest of us sigh in admiration. May you all have all that you need in each other. Congratulations!


Mikey said...

You crack me up!!! Thank you so much! Wish you could here, but I know you'll be here in spirit. You are all the best people!!!

Maia said...

Ahh, what more is there to say.

GunDiva said...

What a great idea! Too bad I didn't read your blog until tonight AFTER the wedding that I could have "virtually" attended.