Friday, February 17, 2012

Crab Feeds and Pretty Ponies

Sorry I have been MIA this week! My Horsemen's Association held their annual Crab Feed last Saturday and it takes a lot of work to put it on! I took pictures with a camera that my hubby found, but this computer won't download them! I'll have to find a power cord and do it some other way. The Feed was great though~ we fed 120 people and made almost $3000 for our club!

And of course I have been busy riding Rem. He's really really sweet. I have had to shift gears quite a bit- going from riding a broke horse- then to Slick who knew stuff but had forgotten most of it- to Rem who really doesn't know much at all. He's learning fast though, and tomorrow I'm riding in my trainers mini clinic.
I find that I have to be on my toes all the time- and that is probably a good thing. It's weird how sloppy we can become when we are around our broke horses.  I know that a lot of you are thinking," Oh, I'm always safety conscious." or "I think about my safety all of the time."
 Yeah- me too.
Some things you might have to think twice about ~
*Ducking under your horses neck to get to the other side.
*Flinging your saddle up onto your horses back instead of lifting and placing, so the stirrups don't bang on his ribs.
*Picking up your horses feet carefully and putting them back down carefully.
*Paying attention to the ears when picking up back feet
*Taking a halter off, but fastening it around the necks as you bridle up
* Rushing to unsaddle
*Rushing through obstacles
*Rushing through basic drills
*Turning on clippers
*Talking to your friends while riding
*Texting while riding

I'm sure you could think of a hundred more!
I'll take my other, good camera to the clinic tomorrow and maybe I'll get a few photos of some of our other friends, Roxxy and Darryl, Lil Mama and Bar Hoppin Bob, Devon and Zip. And maybe even a picture of me ( gawd!)

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Maia said...

Rushing is never a good thing and I mean never. The few times that I've been tossed, I was not paying attention to what Kitt was trying to tell me. Now I always pay attention. Thanks for the reminder.