Thursday, January 12, 2012

The List

****** It seems that of you who have responded, mark Temperament and intelligence at the top of your list,  with 6 stars.
**** Second comes confirmation,personality and then good legs and feet-soundness.
***    Prettiness marked higher than breeding** and health. *
**      Intelligence,and Breeding have two stars,
*        Whether they had been saddled or bridled, whether they showed courage or jumping ability, Height or  talent only have one star.

I must say I am a little surprised. Temperament as Numero uno! 

If this list is any indication I will be able to sell Slick very easily. He has an amazing Tempermnet, he is very intelligent. ( I'm teaching him tricks!) He's pretty- at least a pretty color, and he is healthy. His conformation is a little upright, but some folks like that. PS- He's fast! He's well bred, and has been ridden, trailered, washed and clipped.
His big problem- spooking at bicycles doesn't seem to make much of a mark on this survey. Most think you can fix that. ( Yeah You!) Even though he is only 142hh, he appears bigger. An optical illusion to be sure!

Now to get him muscled up, standing straight and perfect for Halter/Showmanship and ride him so he won't spook.
Any of  you know someone who would like to buy a nice horse? I might even deliver!


Maia said...

Wish I did, because he sure is cute.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

He sure is attractive. I've always had a thing for paints and pintos.


Trainwreck said...

Helloooo....? Man I have missed this!! Good to see you still keeping up with blogging! Miss you and all my friends!! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your New Year! <3