Friday, August 12, 2011

Still on the Hunt~ But getting Closer

Still haven't sold Desi- as evidenced by my last post- but that dosen't keep me from looking for another mount for next year.

Here are four that I have seen lately. Actually I haven't seen Skippin Out West in the horseflesh yet, but I'm planning to go up in two weeks to ride all of them ( lucky for me they are all in the same town- two hours away).

Watch these videos and let me know what you all think. My own opinions are at the end of this blog.
PS- I have a video of Dewey but I haven't been able to get it off my cell phone and onto the blog- so I'll have to 'splain it to you....


Deweys whole self

Skipin Out West. He's a stud horse, but I have no problem in gelding him. He's a little thick through the throatlatch, and Jaq thinks he will be heavy in his shoulder as he matures. She is probably right. That might hinder him from looking good over trail obstacles or being able to lift himself for a pretty lope. Right now he is very upright in his head set- but I know that Jaq dosen't fool with their heads for the first few months of riding. She lets them get used to being ridden, she lays down a good foundation for leg cues and stops and backs. I think he will be able to get his head level enough to look pretty in a W/P  or Trail Class and he is flat kneed enough. But he's not so scopey that he'll knock poles. His legs and feet look good in the video, but I'll be able to tell for sure when I see him in person.  It remains to be seen if he is too hot, or sensible or resistant. I like that he looks like he could go down a fence ( as if I would!) or  be safe on a trail.
He's the right size and will remain so and I love his color.

The Bay gelding ~Rich N Art.
Really nicely bred and I am totally in love with his looks ( bad Vaquerogirl!) His head set is natural, he's scopey and flat kneed and mellow. She's only been riding him a short while and has just put him on her for sale listing. He is appendix and he is HUGE!
Problem: I do not show English. ( Oh Vaquerogirl- you can learn!) HA!!
Problem: I am SHORT-saddling this guy would involve Bigge Cranes ( Oh, that is a good reason to learn English- the saddles are smaller!) HA!! Ha!!
Bonus: Lil Mama could show him in the English classes. And he already pulls a cart ( not that there are a lot of cart classes around here, but it is an AQHA event and is popular in the World.)
Problem: I don't know what they are asking for him.
( I will not fall in love, I will not fall in love...)

Red gelding- When I'm Good and Ready
AKA Darryl
You have seen stills of this guy before. He's really sweet minded and I love his full sister. His neck looks a little short and he dosen't have the elegant self carriage of the Bay Gelding. He is going to mature at 16 plus and here we go with the crane again..
He has good feet and legs. Jaq hasn't been riding him as much as the others because he belongs to her ( you know the story) but she is in a postion to deal on him and I could buy him and keep him there all winter for her to ride. ( If she was getting paid to ride him she would) He would be ready for the 2012 season then.
Problem: he is BIG.
Problem: He is green
Problem: Do I have the money to keep him or any of these guys in training for the winter ( I would have to!)

Bonus~ He's affordable right now, even without selling Desi yet.

This guy is as sweet as a horse can get. Big soft eye, cute face and tiny ears. Laid back like a surfer dude in Malibu. His Sire is a World Champion. He has great legs and feet, he's the right size and the right temperment.
Problem: He has a 'pleasure' lope- the kind that goes up and down and dosen't get any where. I don't know if that can be undone. His trainer has shut  him down to get to that artificial slow lope that WP people seem to think is acceptable. I saw him at the Gold N Grand , but I did not ride him there. I want to go see him and see how he lopes ' at will'.
Problem: He's expensive.

So there are my current dillemma's!
It's a lot to contemplate.


Shirley said...

Before I read your comments, I figured the first one was a stud. I liked him. A little high in the lope, but training will fix that. I didn't like the second horse- mostly because of the 4 beat lope and light hind quarters. (But then, I'm a cow horse girl- what do I know?) The third horse I'd reserve opinion on until I could see him ridden and same with the 4th horse- but he's really good looking. It'll be interesting to see what you have to say about them after you've been up to ride them.

Maia said...

The first was really flashy, but the middle was a great mover. I agree with Shirley about the other two. If it were me, I'd take the middle one.

What's more important here, is, was that you in the videos; and if it was, when did you cut your hair.