Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th at the Auction

So much good stuff at the Auction today!
These prints are ink on silk and are so beautiful. There were four different fish. The detail was amazing!

Anyone care to guess what these are and what they do?

I am crazy about this old scale. The face of the scale is red and gold.It's been hiding out in a barn for years, and now someone has a chance to use it and love it as an object d'art instead of a tool.

This is a handmade, rawhide core used and soft. The mecate is hand made, rolled from mane hair. There are two of them in this lot. Plus a few other choice items. Of course I am bidding on it!

This is a close up of the work. I know it must be a local California maker, because all of these items came from a barn in the upper central Valley. Collectable cowboy gear often comes from this california area and in this era. Could be Garcia or someone like him...

This is a different lot. It has Model A wheels, and a trunk full of old buggy parts and old auto parts. It is a super heavy lot, chains, and an anvil stand and bits and pieces of machinery, but it is really cool and has had a lot of interest.

Here is another 'Can you guess what that is' moment in this blog!
Well, care to hazard a guess? You might be surprised! I'll tell you it was for commercial use and it is barely used.

Aren't these sweet? There are Vernon ware and pretty collectible. They are in perfect codition.

This horse lookes a little like BOB, don't you think?

My date from the last prom...Put a tie dyed shirt on him and he might look like someoe I know...

There sleigh bells have all different sounds, high and low. They are on leather that is still in wonderful shape. Care to guess the hammer price on these?

Tower of saddles! They are all just thrashed and the leather is broken up. Several horse collers on the bottom, and there is a pack saddle or two in there as well.

This is in the lot I am bidding on. It isn't marked, but I think it is Baumann. Silver on the side of the cheekpiece.

It is also in the same lot as this bit, a marked Viselia with braided rawhide rommel reins. Very cool!

And this is one of the saddles I'm bidding on too. It was made between 1904 and 1929. I hope I get it!

I'm bidding on this too- it is in the lot with the bits and bosal. I forgot to take a picture of the whole thing.
 Both saddle marks...

These bull nose taps are included too....

I can't be there at the auction this week either, so now I have to wait to see if my absentee bid is the highest. I put in a really high amount! I really want this stuff!
Stay tuned after Wed to see if I'm laughing or crying!
Happy Forth of July!

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Mikey said...

ooooooooo, I have my fingers crossed for you!! It's a good thing I'm not near there. I was leaning into the computer and drooling at all the pics, lol. What a jackpot!!!! I'd love to have any of that stuff. Ooooo, that's such good stuff!!!