Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some catching up to do!

I haven't been gone, but I have been super busy. But aren't we all?

First- there are changes in the wind for one of my jobs. That's all I can say about it, but I'm a little spooked. So I feel like I'm walking a razor wire (through no fault of my own) and that is not a good feeling. More on that little topic much later when things are settled.

B- Will winter EVER end? My garden looks like H E double toothpicks right now and it is clouding up and looking like we might get more rain today. Everytime I look out my back door I feel discouraged. But today rain or shine I'm going out there and planting something!

Three- After a long and very emotional soul searching- and many many weepy evening- I have decided to sell Desi and find another horse to show. After the wet and rainy and wild GNG show, I finally realized that he isn't happy- AND NEITHER AM I! Like a very bad relationship, I kept making excuses and trying to 'fix' it. But there isn't any fixing to be done. He's a great horse but he wants a job that gets him out of the arena and I want him to have a job IN the arena.  He is on Dreamhorse and on Bay Area Equine Network (Bay Desperado)  and I've had a few inquieries. Of course he won't go to just any ol' body- it will have to be the right home. I still love him after all and want him to be happy! The very hardest part was the decision to let go ( isn't it always). As a younger woman I would have ridden the snot out of him and been perfectly happy to find him that other job- but I'm not as full of vinegar as I once was- another hard pill to swallow-and I don't want a horse I am fighting and picking on all of the time. I want to go to the horse shows. My goal is to make it to the AQHA Select show, and I won't make it there with Desi.
I know in the long run he'll be happier and so will I.

Here is the video Lil Mama made today- it isn't very good. Jr is in the back ground chattering away, there are motorcycles going by and dogs barking, and someone put their horse in my pen which made Desi's head go up. But here it is anyway... There will be a better one on YouTube soon.

And just for fun, here is a video of Jr and the barn cat Tiger...


Maia said...

Selling a horse is so hard to do, but you won't ever have the right one as long as you hold on to one that doesn't want to do the one thing that you do. The right horse is out there just waiting for you.

PS: I thought Jr's voice was adorable.

PPS: I don't want to talk about rain. I feel like I'm growing slugs and weeds.

PPSS: On your next video, get up close to the horse, that's what's important and what you want people to see.

Shirley said...

Desi is a beautiful horse, I hope he finds his perfect home. It sure is tough selling a horse, but it opens the door to you finding your perfect horse. Hope things work out in your favor with your job.

Carolyn said...

I know you're sad to sell Desi. It makes me sad too and I don't even know Desi! Just you. You're a good girl and you deserve what you want.