Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keep the Beat

I've talked to so many people lately that tell me that they just want to be Happy.
I wondered why people think they aren't happy. Is it because they aren't happy every minute of the day, or do they just not notice the good moments that come to us and only remember the bad moments?

I love the video I am sharing today. I can watch it over and over.  This little guy plays the drums like Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa...better than Peter Tork or Ringo Starr. His rythem is amazing, his skill with the sticks belies his four year old hands. 

Watch his little face-he looks bored...but his feet keep the beat and he keeps playing.
Why is he there? Where are his folks? He must be doing this for them.
He looks around, he's cool, he's four and there are a lot of people looking at him. But he keeps the beat.
He stumbles, and keeps the beat.
He makes a mistake, smiles a little to himself, recovers and keeps the beat

And then he sees something or someone - and his face lights up, he digs down and brings up something else- something good just for himself! He smiles and his little eyes twinkle. And he keeps the beat ...

If you aren't happy that is okay. You don't have to be happy. But I think that if you want to be happy then you just need to keep the beat. Keep playing and looking at the crowd. Do what you do well and if you can't do it for yourself, do it for those around you.
Keep the beat.


gtyyup said...

Amazing kid! Great's a simple thing to remember when needed (upon occasion)...Keep the it!

Rising Rainbow said...

Yupe, you got that right! Cute kid!

Mrs Mom said...

Good reminder ;)

Happies dont come from "stuff"--- happies come from within. And pony kisses too. Gotta have pony kisses!

Keep on keeping on Cowgirl! Have an amazing weekend!

Carolyn said...

Well said, B. One of your best posts!


Mary said...

That just can't help but put a smile on your face. So Cute! he really looks like he's lovin' it too.