Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Century Club

Mary Grace Davidson has done something that I have always aspired to do- and I didn't even know it!
At the age of 81 she is the 6th person in California to join the Century Club.

The Century Club is achieved by adding up the age of the horse and the rider. You'd have to be at least 75 and your horse 25 to make it- or any numerical equation thereof.
Read about Mary Grace Davidson in our local newspaper here:

Unfortunately this is only recognized in the Dressage Community! I say that we- as horsemen and women- should acknowledge the Century Club in all aspects of riding. I know of a few people that would have qualified already- My father included.
In the small community that I live in, you usually hear about other horsemen. ( I use that term to mean all equestrians) I have never heard of or met Ms. Davidson, but I sure would like to. Her achievement is spectacular. The last horsewoman I met close to that age was 92 years young and her name was Dorothy. She was still riding in the NOTRA ( National Old Time Rodeo Association) Barrel racing event AND riding as the NOTRA Queen. I believe that she passed away five years ago, in a fall from her horse.

Good for you Mary Grace Davidson! We should all live as long and as well!


Lil Mama said...

That is the coolest post you've had in a while.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Hopefully I make it to the century club. That is definitely an accomplishment worth living for.

Maia said...

That's an accomplish we should all aim for. It's wonderful to start your day with good news

Carolyn said...

Love it!