Thursday, March 3, 2011

Better and better

We~the Royal WE meaning Desi and me_ saddled up once more and hit that pattern againl I emptied my mind of his foolishness the day before, straightened out all the lumber, mounted up and breathed a sigh of relief. I could tell just by the way he tucked his head that he was ready and willig to work. We started with long walk, then a nice slow jog. Then we loped in circles, missing the lumber all together, and then we loped over the boards. He did great! Hardly ticked a one, and his timing was 80 % better. His steering was better today too.
I know that if I ride him three days in a row he is wonderful on the third day. By the fourth day he's getting bored. So because tomorrow starts the Auction marathon  ( I'll post pictures of some of the good stuff!) I won't be able to ride for 6 days. Then I'll have to ride three leave off for two, ride three, etc...
Checked my fifth wheel and found batteries dead, so they are getting fixed. Bought a mattress topper for Lil Momma to sleep on ( the pull out isn't very comfy.)and started planning my budget. Also sent in the horse show entry- so I am going fer sure now!
Next weekend clipping ( yikes! ) Lil Mama hates when I get out the clippers! With good reason! Pull out the horse trailer and make sure those tires are aired up, load our clothes and food and such and before you know it we will be there!
I know you all are going to be just as excited as I am! Just remind me to breathe! And keep my shoulders square, And to look up. And to remember the pattern... You guys are sure gonna be busy!


Maia said...

Wonderful. See I told you that winners never quit. Now go get that buckle.

Rising Rainbow said...

You can always count of me to remind you to breathe. That's the number one thing I say when I am on the rail. You go, Girl!